Where is that Parent Manual?

I can't tell you how many times I have researched in my psychology books, on WebMD, and even Googled parenting questions.  When I first became a mom I felt very strange asking simple questions to friends that already had babies.  Probably, because I wanted to appear confident as a parent.  If I only knew what I know now!  Lucky for me I found that friend that made me feel comfortable and safe asking questions.   

If I had to name only "one" book that I referenced religiously it would be; "The Science of Parenting, by Margot Sunderland".  I may date myself but....I checked this book out from the Library many times and yes I said; "Checked it out from the Library."  

There was something comforting to me about reading research-based information.  It also helped to present the research to my husband when he tried to convince me to let our baby "Cry it Out" because his best-friends wife did it.  Little did my husband know at the time that I was adamant about making sure our children were raised psychologically well adjusted and emotionally healthy.  I think this obsession falls under I wanted "more" for our children.  



Valerie Saisi